Jabe Bloom: Entanglement: Design, Temporality, and Complexity within Artifice

Deliberate Complexity Conference, 19 July 2022

Talk description:

"Look around you, and take a moment to notice the things in your environment that have been designed. On occasion, we awaken from design’s lotus dreams, to find ourselves thrown into a world of artifice. You find yourself astride a horse, facing a large lizard, sword in hand, what do you do? You peer through a telescope, whose lens you’ve hand-ground, and remake your world, recomposing the interactions of the planets and stars exposing an unimagined dance of exquisite complexity. How does one “hear” a song? Or see an apple? What in the world does this all have to do with complexity, social practice, and sociotechnical system theory? This talk will constrain itself to an attempt to sketch out some types of complexity and their interactions within artificial systems. We’ll ponder the relationship between temporality and complexity, and complexity’s self-potentiating expansion in our world. With a brief introduction to mereological recursion and phase spaces, we’ll explore complexities implications for design, and the design of common worlds. Oh… and we’ll talk about swords and telescopes, songs and apples."

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Jabe Bloom