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Integrate with Drupal, a leading open source CMS. Validate your APIs and grow your business.

A friendly community with purchasing power

Try community marketing
Drupal is the 2nd most popular CMS in the enterprise market. It also has one of the largest Open Source communities with 100k+ active contributors and over a million sites.
Do an experiment
Participate at key events at a small cost. A shared booth with other cool APIs is much cheaper and more effective for a first engagement.
Improve your API & SDK
Drupal is built in PHP. We’ll write your PHP SDK or give you feedback about things that could be improved in your existing API documentation and PHP binding.

You might already have a module...

Drupal works with modules: pluggable pieces of code that extend a site. Out of the 33 000 modules on Drupal.org almost 4 000 are third party integrations many of which connect Drupal with the APIs of popular SaaS companies. If you have been around for a while, there is a really big chance that somebody already made a module for your API.

Check a service integration:

More than a CMS

Drupal is also a very active, well-networked community that can be addressed through a range of marketing channels. If you strike the right tone and support the community initiatives, Drupal could be a great global market cluster that could help you gain traction for your API.

Drupal is popular with enterprise customers, in media, government, higher education and the technology sector all over the world...

… Oxfam, Government of Australia or Earth Hour in Asia.

… World Economic Forum, SensioLabs, Amazee Labs, Oxford University in Europe.

… Redhat, ExactTarget, Cisco, GE, Twitter, The Weather Channel in North America.

… 2016 Summer Olympics in South America.

The fastest way to waste your marketing budget is to staff a booth with salespeople at a developer conference.

Traditional marketing doesn’t work

Even if you already have a Drupal module, you will need to tell the community about it. If you publish your module on GitHub for example, it will never take off. This is where a lot of companies have failed in the past: they are not on Drupal.org and use marketing techniques that alienate the community.

This is why we started the API Alliance. We will help you reach out with content that resonates with developers, and staff your booth with people that understand Drupal.

Developer evangelism services

Module audit
We analyze the modules that integrate with your API and give you insights into your competitors’ modules position in the community.
Maintenance & support
We keep an eye on your module’s issue queue, provide support and on a regular basis review & merge changes suggested in community patches.
Docs & blogposts
We review your module landing page and community documentation, and recommend improvements. We write blogposts for the Drupal Planet.

Services @ events

API clinic: an open door event, where a knowledgeable Drupal developer answers any questions people might have about your module.

Clickatons: a Hackaton for Clickers where you can get exposure and gain feedback about your services and the onboarding process.

BoF sessions: unconference sessions that bring together people to discuss the problem space your service addresses. These sessions should never be vendor sales sessions, instead they are an opportunity to openly discuss changes in the solution space with developers from the community.

Session proposals: there is a lot of competition for session slots in the Drupal community, and sales pitch sessions are not well received. But if you have exciting content we will help you submit a session proposal.

Visibility campaigns: we can work with you, the Drupal Association, or other relevant conference organisers to set up a campaign for specific events.

Our customers



With customers both large and small including many world-renowned media brands, Brightcove is a video hosting platform that enables organizations to easily publish, distribute and monetize high-quality online video.

Since 2013 when we took over support and maintenance for Brightcove’s Drupal integration module, its install base has increased by a factor 3 from approximately 800-1000 to 2700-3000.

In 2015, we worked with Brightcove to update their module and to create a PHP wrapper for their new more powerful API. This year, shortly after Drupal 8’s release, their module was the first enterprise video hosting solution with a Drupal 8 release. This has helped them capitalize on a push to upgrade from legacy Drupal 6 sites.


Recently acquired by Returnpath, Context.IO is an email API that lets you query mailboxes using a simple Rest API.

In 2015 Pronovix won $25 000 as the first runner up for the Context.io Dev Post challenge for a Drupal module we built.

The module is an importer that implements simple oAuth authentication for the major email platforms. Its interface enables non-developers to set up sophisticated queries to import email data into a Drupal site, where other modules can be used to click together trigger/action systems automatically responding to incoming emails.

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The Drupal API Alliance is an open initiative by Pronovix to bring API owners closer to the community.