Deliberate Complexity Conferences 2022 - Recaps

In this series of three online events we explore complexity science, social practice theory and socio-technical systems to build more resilient API programs and organizations.

This overview page is the full list of the six presentations with Q&A sessions and the three panel discussions. The recordings and talk summaries are available through the links to the dedicated page. Enjoy!

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APIs and Complexity

Live session was on 15 June

Matthew Reinbold (Concentrix Catalyst) - Seven Skills To Change Complex Systems And Improve Software

Chris McDermott ( - I see Social Practices, Social Practices everywhere!

Panel discussion

Complexity and Software Architecture

Live session will start on 29 June

• Dawn Ahukanna - APIs: Semi-permeable, osmotic interfaces

• Evelyn Van Kelle, Kenny Baas-Schwegler - How cognitive biases and ranking can foster an ineffective architecture and design

• Panel discussion

Core Principles of Complexity

Live session will start on 19 July

• Alicia Juarrero - Complexity is not complicatedness

• Jabe Bloom - Entanglement: Design, Temporality, and Complexity within Artifice

• Panel discussion

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