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Digital transformation in public broadcasting

Interview with Roberto Salomone, SRG SSR

Feb 04, 2021


Roberto works for the largest public service media company in Switzerland. Starting out as an IT architect and later as an enterprise architect, he initiated an API program at SRG-SSR based on requirements coming not only from the business but also from opportunities discovered through their hackathons, in which they actively support innovation and digital transformation.

Join us to hear more about the main takeaways coming from organizing hackathons and how to make the results sustainable. What effects did the pandemic have on a public broadcaster`s operations and how did they manage to keep up with the changing media landscape. What makes a company more resilient when facing the challenges of accelerated digital transformation. How can an organization become more adaptive because of APIs? In this interview Roberto also explains how SRG SSR intends to be meaningful for the public interest and help with addressing the information shocks that are currently going through our society.

The hosts are Kristof Van Tomme and Mark Winberry.

Also available on Anchor, Google, and Apple.


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