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Transition from code-first to design-first: growing the API program at SAS

Interview with Jeannie Hawrysz

May 25, 2021

API Resilience Podcast. S02E04: Interview with Robin Meißner

SAS is a leading business analytics software company, and also the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

In this episode Jeannie Hawrysz (Lead API Architect and Manager of API and Developer Program Enablement) talked about their team efforts to set new standards for their API program during the time of pandemia.

She explained how they organized internal workshops with their UX/design and product management teams to help outline a design first based workflow. These efforts eventually led to an internal “cultural revolution” and concluded in an API lifecycle that is driven by API governance principles and a product mindset.

Jeannie talked about the challenges of simultaneously catering to diverse personas like data scientists and business decision makers. She also described why and how they started to redesign the SAS developer portal and how low- and no-code solutions might shape their API program in the future.

The hosts are Kristof Van Tomme and Mark Winberry.

Also available on Anchor, Google, and Apple.

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