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Senior Technical Writer
Feb 12, 2018

Organized by the Center for Information–Development Management, IDEAS is a two-day industry conference including five 60-minute concurrent sessions in two tracks. The theme of this winter’s conference was Writing Well, where we spoke about API Documentation Best Practices.

In this session we talked about different aspects of API documentation:

  • Why API documentation plays an important role in the API economy
  • The difference between API documentation and developer portals
  • The target audience of API docs
  • Developer portal components and best practices for arranging and writing content for each
  • Usability considerations, like interactions, readability and personality
  • Ways to edit and keep your documentation up-to-date, workflow considerations, and the docs like code approach

By the end of the presentation, we hope to have given Technical Writers a solid starting point for seeing how they can convert their technical writing skills to API documentation writing, along with some resources that they can use to learn more. Although we aimed the presentation at Technical Writers, we think that all stakeholders of an API documentation project can benefit from watching it.

Diána is a Senior Technical Writer at Pronovix. She is specialized in API documentation, topic-based authoring, and contextual help solutions. She writes, edits and reviews software documentation, website copy, user documents, and publications. She also enjoys working as a Program Monitor for NHK World TV and Arirang TV. She graduated as a programmer, then went on earning system administrator and system analyst and designer degrees. She's fluent in English and German, and worked as a translator for a publishing company translating books from German to Hungarian. She's the Hungarian translator of Basecamp. Before becoming a writer, she worked with international clients like Sony Pictures Television, Da Vinci Learning and The Walt Disney Company as a key account manager in integrated marketing campaigns focusing on digital media.


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