Last night I browsed 4chan as usual. Besides the usual Pedobears and Lolcats I found out that the server has been hacked, and someone made a torrent from all of those very expensive modules that are stored in the "contrib" repository. This is a very serious issue, since the whole thing worth around $189.000 if you buy it in the shop... Our only luck is that the very Sophisticated SecuROM copy-protection method was not hacked yet, so without it, you cannot install that version (some reports said that the "grep" hacker tool is able to circumvent the protection, but we cannot confirm that). I'm posting this torrent, so you know you shouldn't download it: Drupal.6.Ultimate.Edition.PRNVX_.RELEASE.7z.torrent

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Kornel is a dedicated software engineer. In the Pronovix he spends his time architecting and developing Drupal-related services. He is a proud member of the International and Hungarian Drupal community, having contributed several modules and core patches. Kornel is enthusiastic about the web, programming and open source technologies, his thirst for knowledge doesn't stop at the computer: in his offline life he is interested in fitness, nutrition and neuroscience.