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Infinite Improbability Drive initiated, Drupal Developer Days site launched

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Dec 19, 2013

This year for Christmas you can get yourself a whole week of uber Drupal geekery at the Drupal Developer Days. It could be the best 30 EUR you've spent this year end.

As announced earlier, from 24-30 March, 2014 Szeged will be the host city of the next Drupal Developer Days. DrupalMarvin – the paranoid android sent on a quest to help the community with the release of Drupal 8 – joined a small team of volunteers to launch the event’s website.

Here’s the most important information about the event in a nutshell:


Head over to Drupal Developer Days Szeged and join the community here. Registration is open. Be part of a one week-long Drupal event and have fun! Registration fee is 30 EUR.


As the release of Drupal 8 is approaching, the event will feature strategically important sessions, code sprints, workshops, presentations and BoF-s where you can learn about Drupal 8. We’ve got sessions for all skill levels, so there will be something useful for everyone. Submit your session here or your code sprint topic here.

Travel, hotel deals

Szeged - the host city of DrupalCon Europe in 2008 - is a nice and appealing small city, with many historical buildings, cosy restaurants and “Cukraszda”, which are cake shops, but nothing like you’ve seen anywhere else in the world. Though the city has no international airport, it is quite easily accessible from Budapest. The organizers negotiated for discount room prices in two hotels near the conference venue and also collected other hotel-deals in Szeged and will offer shuttle service between Budapest and Szeged.


We are looking for sponsors to help us make the event the amazing experience it will be. If you want to get exposure to 300-400 motivated Drupal developers, there is no better event than the Drupal Developer Days. Please find here the various sponsorship packages.

Infinite Improbability Drive

At Drupalcon Prague DrupalMarvin handed over the Infinite Improbability Drive to the Drupal community, to help us finish Drupal 8. In preparation of the Drupal Developer Days we've plugged the drive into the event site. This machine is fueled with effort and enthusiasm, the more energy it gets, the more fun it provides! Read more about it here. Or just try it out. Check out the site, sign up, join the community and help Marvin charge the Infinite Improbability Drive. Together we can make the Drupal Dev Days a rock solid event full of fun and surprises!

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