To get site owners to start thinking about upgrading to Drupal 8 and to build anticipation for the upcoming release we are organising an upgrade Bingo and we want the whole Drupal community to benefit from it. If you want to get leads for site upgrades, Drupal 8 hosting, or paid Drupal 8 module development, you should not miss out.

The TL;DR version

Join the Bingo to:

  • Make your current and prospective customers excited about upgrading their existing sites to Drupal 8
  • Find out who actually considers an upgrade and what their budget is
  • Be featured as one of the companies in the community that help make D8 happen

What we need from you:

  • Help promote D8 Upgrade Bingo to your customers
  • Help promote D8 Upgrade at the events you are going to be present at
  • Donate at least 2 prizes to the Bingo pot (suggested prizes: upgrade feasibility study, a week of module upgrade work, 2 weeks of D8 prototyping, a D8 hosting package ...)

How it works:

  1. You promote your affiliate link for D8upgrade to your current and potential customers (e.g. at your booth and through your mailing lists)
  2. A site owner uses your affiliate link to submit the modules used in their site
  3. They sign up for the Bingo and we generate them a digital Bingo card (Bingo cards have modules on them that are used in a customer’s site that haven’t been ported yet)
  4. When a module gets an alpha release, or when an alternative upgrade path gets suggested on D8upgrade (e.g. a tutorial for replacing Nodequeue with Drupal core gets added as an upgrade path), that module gets flagged on a site owner’s Bingo card
  5. The first site owner with a full Bingo card wins a prize

You are the only one that gets the leads that have signed up through your affiliate link, we’ll give them to you for free. We ourselves will only contact people that didn’t use an affiliate link to sign up for the Bingo.

Upgrade Bingo explained

A few months ago we launched D8upgrade, a free service for the community that tells site owners when the majority of their contributed modules have been upgraded to Drupal 8. We’ve been test running the site for a while now and have already over a 100 site reports. We’ve made it extremely easy to submit a site, a site owner only needs to copy paste their module list into our form, no modules need to be installed.

As you probably guessed, we started this project to generate leads for our company Pronovix. But from day one we’ve announced that we wanted this to be a community initiative. We want other consultancies to join the effort so they can also get access to the leads that are being generated. So far we didn’t have a mechanism to enable other consultancies to participate. We want to change that now in the 2nd phase of the D8upgrade project.

D8upgrade Bingo! is an online competition in which site owners play a form of Bingo with a series of Drupal 8 related prizes in the jackpot.

To get a Bingo card, a site owner needs to submit a Drupal 6 or 7 site on and opt in for the Bingo. Every day we’ll check what modules have been upgraded. Once a module has at least received an alpha release, it can be crossed off from a site’s online Bingo card. We’ll keep on doing that until we run out of prizes. Any module with an alternative upgrade path will also be automatically crossed off the list.

To be eligible, a site will need to have at least a minimum number of modules that don’t yet have an alpha release in D8. We don’t yet have the final game rules, we are still doing some statistics to model the game dynamics, but we expect that there will be at least 2 categories of sites:

  • small sites with only a few contrib modules that don’t yet have an alpha release
  • large sites with a big number of missing contrib modules

How does the lead sharing work?

We are setting up an affiliate system that will keep track of the URL a site owner used to enter the site. When one of your (prospective) customers takes part in D8upgrade Bingo, they will be added to the lead list that we will share with you.

When does it start?

After the Beta to Beta upgrade announcement we expect (or should I say hope?) that there will be a major announcement around D8 at Drupalcon Barcelona. We think it’s the perfect time to make a splash with a cool and fun campaign to get Drupal 6/7 site owners to start seriously contemplating the upgrade to D8.

We first wanted to launch the upgrade Bingo in Barcelona, but we’ve decided to wait until we’ve had a chance to organise a BoF in Barcelona where we can first meet with interested consultancies so we can answer any questions you might have.

Do you want to participate? Do you have any crazy/fun ideas to make this even better?

Sign up for the Bingo participant mailing list and join our BoF in Barcelona.

About the author

Kristof van Tomme

CEO, Co-founder

Kristof is a Drupal strategist and architect with a degree in bioengineering. He started his career as a technology manager. At Pronovix, the company he co-founded, he’s been focussing on Drupal since 4.7. Recently his interest in DITA and reusable, single source documentation have culminated in the project, an open source project that aims to become the GitHub of website documentation.

He initiated and later became the co-organizer of an introductory Drupal course at the University of Szeged (Hungary). As a permanent member of the Drupal Association, he was at some point the lead for the selection task force for European Drupalcons and of the inaugural Nomination Committee. Among others, he was the initiator and (co-)lead of Drupalcon Szeged (2008), DrupalCXO Brussels (2010), Drupal Developer Days Brussels (2011) and Drupal Government Days (2011). Currently he is involved in the organization of the Write the docs unconference in Berlin (2014 July).