As a concrete outcome of the 1st Drupal Executives Meetup (DrupalCXO, Brussels, 8-10 October 2010), Kristof Van Tomme, the main organizer of the event, asked me to put together the survey “Software Used in Drupal Development” to get an overview of the types of software Drupal companies use, and to get a feel how efficient the different packages are for use in Drupal companies and how they could be improved.

Everyone who contributes as a survey participant will also get the summarized version of the aggregate data.

About the author

Márta Maczel

Operational Manager (Hungarian branch)

Márta is an Operational Manager at Pronovix.

She ensures the smooth daily operations of the Hungarian branch and its office in Szeged. She’s responsible for financial planning and managing budgets, makes sure that all Pronovix members have the equipment required to do their daily job, get their salary in time and have all the necessary paperwork done properly. She develops, implements and reviews administrative systems, organisational policies and procedures to improve quality and efficiency. She also takes part in the development and organization of training activities, such as the Pronovix ITrainee Program and the Pronovix Academy.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling and discovering remote cultures and memories of their past. Besides, she likes spending quality time with family and friends.