While working for Acquia in the last few months – helping them maintain Drupal Gardens – I had two tasks that required to write small modules. In this blog post, I would like to introduce these modules.

Safer Permissions

The first one is Safer Permissions.

I am logged in as user/1. As you can see, even I can’t assign potentially malicious permissions to anonymous users. The original purpose of this module was to make spammers’ life harder on Gardens, but I think there are other cases when this module might be useful. As an agency, it might be a good idea to install this module when the customer asks for the user/1 account.

Advanced Syslog

The second one is Advanced Syslog.

This module is a replacement to the core syslog module. In the screenshot, I show the difference between the admin interfaces. The module might come in very handy when you suspect that a module is malfunctioning. You can increase the log level for that one module only, and your syslog won’t be spammed with info and debug messages of all other modules. Advanced Syslog overrides the core syslog module by default. You can turn this behaviour off, but you will most likely experience duplicate log messages. I hope these modules could make your life easier. Leave a comment for feedback.

About the author

Tamás Demeter-Haludka

Senior Developer

Tamás is responsible for the development and design of custom Drupal modules and back-end solutions. He's a self-taught programmer, with his main focus on Drupal, Go and iOS development. Besides programming languages, he's interested in distributed computing, computer graphics, image processing and security. He has a couple of contributed modules on Drupal.org, and he completed the Summer of Code at Drupal in 2010 and 2011. His bigger projects at Pronovix include participating in Drupal Gardens development, helping to create sites for Warner Music Group, Pfizer and Florida Hospitals. He did performance optimizations on Qatarliving. He's one of the main contributors to the Brightcove module used by large Drupal sites worldwide.