Using Watch and Learn’s video series as a foundation, we built a learning path on Outlearn for front-end developers who’d like to get into theming Drupal 8 sites.

The learning path walks you through creating a Drupal 8 theme from installing Drupal to setting up layouts, views, taxonomy and regions. We extended the original video series with pointers to lessons on using base themes, building a theme from scratch and utilizing frameworks, so that you can get a deeper understanding of developing themes in Drupal. We also made some learning objectives explicit from the videos to help you track your progress.

To get the most out of this path you should have some knowledge in front-end development. Some Drupal 7 theming experience will also help you better understand the lessons, although it's not essential.

Dive into Drupal 8 theme development with Drupal 8: Developing your first themes! And let us know about any topics for learning paths that you would want to see in the future.

What is Outlearn?
Outlearn is a training platform that makes it easy to curate and combine public training materials into a learning path. As the curators for Drupal 8, we used the platform to build learning paths that collect the best content about Drupal 8 that is out there, and ordered them so that by following the learning path, you can easily become more and more experienced with D8. We verified the quality of each video and added tasks to help your learning process.

About the author

Diána Lakatos

Senior Technical Writer

Diána is a Senior Technical Writer at Pronovix. She is specialized in API documentation, topic-based authoring, and contextual help solutions. She writes, edits and reviews software documentation, website copy, user documents, and publications. She also enjoys working as a Program Monitor for NHK World TV and Arirang TV.

She graduated as a programmer, then went on earning system administrator and system analyst and designer degrees. She's fluent in English and German, and worked as a translator for a publishing company translating books from German to Hungarian. She's the Hungarian translator of Basecamp.

Before becoming a writer, she worked with international clients like Sony Pictures Television, Da Vinci Learning and The Walt Disney Company as a key account manager in integrated marketing campaigns focusing on digital media.