Help us improve the documentation tools in Drupal and get to own a Mr. Fivestar T-shirt

This weekend at the Drupal Developer Days in Brussels, I'm giving a presentation about documentation systems for/in Drupal. The main focus of the presentation will be different new technologies that we've been working on to improve Drupal's documentation technology stack. We believe that these could revolutionize the way we do documentation for Drupal projects and at the same time open up a new market for our favorite CMS.

To test the relevancy of my recommendations for the community, I've put together a questionnaire of which the results should help us better understand your needs and priorities. To make it even more worth your while, we are giving away Mr T-shirts to people that submit a filled out questionnaire:

  • a t-shirts will be handed out to the first 3 people to complete the questionnaire
  • 3 t-shirts will go to people we'll select at random from participants that filled out the questionnaire and tweeted about it
  • 3 more t-shirts will be given to people we'll select at random from the remaining participants

We won't be shipping the t-shirts, if you win you or a friend will have to come pick them up at BDDD or at Drupalcon Chicago. TAKE THE SURVEY!.


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Kristof van Tomme

CEO, Co-founder

Kristof Van Tomme is an open source strategist and architect. He is the CEO and co-founder of Pronovix. He’s got a degree in bioengineering and is a regular speaker at conferences in the API, DevRel, and technical writing communities.