Brightcove Video Connect for Drupal

Integrate video with your existing technology stack
Now better authoring workflow & playback

Simplify and Streamline Your Video Publishing Workflow With Brightcove's Drupal connector.

Brightcove Video Cloud

Secure, scalable, fast and reliable

Brightcove Video Cloud is a video hosting and publishing solution for delivering professional quality video to digital audiences on any device, trusted by the world's most recognized organisations and brands. It offers highly customizable players, HD streaming, syncing with 3rd party CDNs and with YouTube.

Brightcove’s extensive APIs, partner ecosystem, and documentation allow you to deliver customized video solutions.

With Brightcove Video Connect for Drupal you can efficiently add and manage video content on your Drupal-powered websites.

Add a Drupal frontend to Brightcove's services:
Upload videos as part of the authoring process, on your UI.
Create and manage your playlists inside Drupal.
Decoupled granular access permissions using Drupal's Entity API.

Your one-stop Brightcove integration package for Drupal

Brightcove customers who decide to move to Drupal 8 have access to the latest Brightcove integration built by Pronovix:

  • leverage Brightcove’s newest APIs

  • synchronize your custom metadata between sites

  • use the Brightcove HTML5 first Player

The Drupal 8 version of the Brightcove Video Connect module was rewritten from scratch in order to take advantage of the architectural changes in Drupal 8, especially the new Entity Data Model.
Our blogpost-series on the development of the D8 Brightcove connector starts with the architecture summary and can give you more insight into what building blocks make up the module. The second part details the installation & configuration steps required to get the module up and running properly. For the older versions check on The third part illustrates the management of videos & playlists and discusses some of the changes compared to the Drupal 7 version of the module. Finally, part four demonstrates the various ways to add videos & playlists to Drupal content.

Need help with the integration? Let's speed it up!

Pronovix offers any Brightcove client using Brightcove Video Connect a fixed-fee integration package

The package includes:

  • Walkthrough of the Brightcove Integration followed by a brief Q&A session

  • Guided installation and integration/component tutorial

  • Installation and configuration support

  • Debugging of any core code issues related to the Brightcove/Drupal open source code

  • Basic developer support, including Q&A about code level support and customization

The goal of the package is to get Brightcove clients up and running with the integration successfully.

If additional work is necessary, Pronovix can offer custom integration and/or component development solutions.

Custom integration services

Often the addition of video to the Drupal platform is part of a larger project or will have specific requirements that fall outside of the scope of the Integration Package described above. In these cases, Pronovix will work with Brightcove’s clients to develop a customized integration engagement.

We have extensive experience delivering websites and portals leveraging Drupal. A customized integration package can make this technical and design experience available for any Brightcove client looking for assistance in the following areas:


Make sure that your Brightcove videos are easily accessible on any device.


Infrastructure for building microsites, including video. Just fill in a form, and the system will apply your in-house style - even allowing you to select from predefined design templates.


Pronovix specializes in documentation delivery systems that help companies maximize the marketing value of their technical content. The resulting web sites take advantage of the keyword density of your documentation to drive traffic to your marketing site.


Pronovix has developed many custom Drupal components that leverage a wide variety of services. At the end of the day, these components provide customers with the ability to work more efficiently.


We can assist you in protecting your enterprise from security threats and finding solutions to potential compliance issues, related to video content on the site.


Are you using the previous generation of the Brightcove / Drupal Integration? Pronovix will help you chart a migration path to the new release of the integration while leaving your existing infrastructure unimpacted.

Need help with your integration? Custom package?