Context.IO Drupal module
Build email imports/integrations/feeds/selections in record time without coding
A powerful yet simple email import module for Drupal using the Context.IO API that implements oAuth authentication for the major email platforms

The Context.IO Drupal module won 1st Runner Up prize at the Context.IO App Challenge in 2015.

Pronovix’s goal was to create a module that could bring attention to Drupal and the many ways it’s suitable for prototyping and implementing APIs.

A powerful email importer for Drupal

The Context.IO module lets you set up feeds in Drupal that will import emails, or data inside your emails into a site. To do so, you don't need to write a single line of code.

Technical challenges solved

When we decided to take part in the Context.IO Dev Post Challenge, we needed to choose the UI we were going to use to make the API available in Drupal.

We wanted to make the module a building block, compatible with Drupal's ecosystem of modules. We chose to implement the module using the Feeds architecture, it allows site builders to configure:

  • A fetcher that uploads emails that fulfil a set of search parameters
  • A parser that extracts information from inside the email into separate fields, to store structured information
  • A processor that maps the information into native Drupal objects and their fields (e.g. nodes, users, comments)

We had to implement a fetcher and parser specifically for the API. While implementing the module we bumped into a few minor issues with Context.IO's API that we reported to their team. We also had to work out a UI for the custom parser fields.

The judges in the Context.IO App Challenge were very impressed with the work of the Pronovix team. Their Drupal module is an ingenious use of our API because it allows anyone to quickly utilize email data without having to write a single line of code. We also loved that they made the module open source and are such positive contributors to the Drupal community. (Dan Corbin, Context.IO Product Manager at Return Path)

Why use the Context.IO module?

  • Import emails that fulfill certain criteria from your email archive
  • Import emails as they arrive in your mailbox
  • Extract information from email bodies
  • Share this information with a selected group of trusted parties that get access to your site
  • Do certain actions (e.g. schedule, or send an email) when you receive an email that fulfills certain criteria
  • Create users in your site every time you receive email from a new address, or when an email gets forwarded