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KBC Developer Portal Case Study


Wide Range of Interfaces for Technical and Business Audiences



Client: KBC

Industry: Finance

The KBC Developer Portal, built on Pronovix’s Zero Gravity devportal solution, has been created as a source of inspiration and a straightforward digital shop for business leaders, business developers and technical developers to integrate KBC’s financial APIs into their applications. 

Since going live in 2020, many partners are cooperating with KBC to distribute their products & services, using the multitude of integration methods offered. KBC aims to have quality partnerships, and the developer portal is a supporting tool for possible business partners.

In 2021, KBC won the Best Developer Portal for Alternatives to REST-APIs DevPortal Awards category. Also, they were runner-up in the Corporate category at Splash Awards.





Open and Beyond Banking


KBC's logo

KBC is an integrated bank-insurance group, catering mainly for retail, private banking, SME and mid-cap clients. The core markets are Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. KBC is also present to a limited extent in several other countries.

Through their activities, KBC wants to help their clients to realise and protect their dreams and projects. It is the Company's ambition to be the reference for bank-insurance in all of their core markets. As at the end of 2022, KBC had 13 million clients and 42 000 staff.

In the connected open banking and insurance landscape, KBC fosters innovation and sets out to take partners to the next level. The bank initiated the creation of a developer portal that fits into the company’s three B’s strategy: 

  1. Be personal and instant: KBC makes sure that their customers get relevant answers as soon as possible (or proactively provide something that is relevant).
  2. Building an all-in-one app: KBC Mobile app is suitable for non-KBC customers as well, since users can integrate services from third parties. 
  3. Be everywhere: KBC is present in the distribution channels of others with their products and services.

The KBC Developer Portal

The Developer Portal serves as a documentation platform for developers and developer teams to create applications, and at the same time offers innovative no-code interface solutions to a business audience, enabling entrepreneurs and business developers to upgrade their own internal processes and their proposition to private and business customers.

KBC's home page. On the header image there is a city. Visitor can find the main navigation menu items on the top menu bar
The KBC Developer Portal’s Homepage. Time of screenshot: 08 September, 2023. 

KBC had an Information Architecture Workshop with Pronovix. The workshop covered topics such as the elements of the MVP site, typical user personas and user journeys, the ideal sitemap, and technical discussion on the gateway integration.The KBC developer portal was built on Zero Gravity devportal with custom solutions based on the workshop results. 

The developer portal has basic and advanced developer portal functionalities: 

  • API reference documentation for PSD2 and Open Banking APIs, 
  • getting started pages,  
  • secure sandbox environment to try out APIs,
  • onsite app/integration creation,
  • registration for not only single developers but also for developer organizations,
  • multi-language business content,
  • role-based editorial workflows. 

Production page on KBC's developer portal. The site gives details about open banking and the possibilities.
KBC’s Getting Started - Production page. Time of screenshot: 08 September, 2023. 

The site takes the concept of a developer portal that enables companies with development budgets to build integrated digital experiences, and extends it with low-code/no-code interface building blocks to allow (smaller) companies with smaller budgets to also build those experiences.

To create this integrated customer experience Drupal site needed to become the integration point and interface for a range of processes and different systems. 

Take advantage of the open source nature of Drupal to build a developer portal that is decoupled from the API management solution, to make it possible for KBC to change vendors if necessary. 

Different Types of Interfaces at KBC

KBC offers various types of APIs. Every one of them has Reference documentation, Functional documentation, API Description and a Sandbox environment. This way, users without technical knowledge can have an understanding of the APIs’ functions. 

Users can filter the integrations based on the industry, the service one wants to provide or the type of integration. 

The portal also offers thorough conceptual documentation and “how-to”s for business developers to help integrate KBC’s QR-code or widget-based solutions into their businesses. As not all of KBC’s partners have technical people, these solutions open the possibilities for them without a technical integration. 

The page lists all of KBC's widgets and QR-codes.
KBC’s QR-code and widgets. Time of screenshot: 08 September, 2023. 

Widgets: people can insert them into their websites, which allows for example small business owners to create digital journeys that are connected, but also sufficiently disconnected and that don’t require any deep integration. That still allows an entrepreneur or business developer to create a journey that integrates some of their offerings into the experience that entrepreneur‘s customers have.  

QR-code: Instalment loans help people to purchase the desired objects, and with KBC’s QR code, “Merchants offer a KBC Instalment Loan in-store by giving their customers a flyer with a QR-code.” E.g. if someone wants to buy an electric bike, they can check the QR-code, which helps to decide whether they can apply for a loan for the electric bike. 

Get you QR-code: a detailed step-by-step explanation of the workflow.
KBC’s QR-code. Time of screenshot: 08 September, 2023. 

One of the many advantages of integrating with KBC’s solutions is that clients can simulate their home loan so they can get an idea of the monthly cost. This simulation also contains an overview of other related costs and a proposal for the contribution. 


Pronovix logo


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Onboarding: Clear Guides Regardless of the Expertise

In order to integrate with KBC’s (API) products and solutions, users have to complete a registration process in each case. For this reason the site was designed to provide a flawless multi step onboarding experience for new users. 

Every integration has their own Overview and/or Reference documentation, that offers a guide for the users regardless of their expertise. The pages also explain the necessary steps for the integration. 

The top bar menu, Getting Started, gives a general overview about how one can register, provides basic information about KBC’s interfaces and open banking in general, and introduces the sandbox environment. 

The Present and the Future

From 2020, Pronovix provides hosting and support for KBC, and the two companies are still working together. KBC’s next goal is to provide their users a combined solution which will result in an even better user experience. 

As Tamara Meers (Business Development Manager at KBC) highlighted at the Developer Success podcast in 2023, KBC focuses on attracting new partners with their developer portal, and offers less technical intervention, so their integrations are accessible for every user. 

KBC also wants to have an English-Dutch version of their whole developer portal, so it would be bilingual, and more accessible for a wider audience. 

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“We need to adapt to the fast changing world around us, customers who are increasingly opting for digital solutions, and their expectations. Those solutions are higher and higher. So if you want to increase the customer experience, we have to focus on the speed, simplicity and accessibility of our financial transactions. So we aim for smooth and effortless solutions for the customer.”

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