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Schaeffler Developer Portal Case Study

A Digital Storefront Focused on UX and Self-service with Customized SSO



Client: Schaeffler

Industry: Manufacturing

Schaeffler aimed to have a central digital storefront and establish a seamless user experience for everyone who works with their APIs. They started their collaboration with Pronovix in 2021, which resulted in the creation of the Schaeffler Developer Portal. The portal is based on the Zero Gravity Base product, which was enriched with several custom solutions in alignment with Schaeffler’s needs. 

About Schaeffler

Schaeffler logo

The pioneer of motion

As Schaeffler, a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors states on their website, ‘the Schaeffler Group has been driving forward groundbreaking inventions and developments in the fields of motion and mobility for over 75 years (...) The Schaeffler Group generated sales of EUR 15.8 billion in 2022. With around 84,000 employees, Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest family companies. With more than 1,250 patent applications in 2022, Schaeffler is Germany’s fourth most innovative company according to the DPMA (German Patent and Trade Mark Office).’

Schaeffler’s API Center of Excellence promotes API centered mindset both at the company, and its partner ecosystem as technological advancement opens new opportunities for them and their customers. 

‘We see APIs as one of the critical enablers for Digital Transformation. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to leverage data and insights to further enhance your products, services, and value chain. Following this mission, we want to enable you to Innovate, Pioneer, and Set Your Ideas In Motion.’ - highlighted on their Schaeffler Developer Portal


Pronovix’ and Schaeffler’s collaboration kicked off with an IA (Information Architecture) workshop, which helped map out Schaeffler’s already existing content, discuss long-term goals, and define their users’ needs to provide them with meaningful content, materials and functionality. This phase also helped to understand the brand-related needs and plan logical site navigation. 

The most important goals were: to have a central digital storefront and create self-service both for consumers (who want to consume Schaeffler’s APIs) and publishers (Schaeffler’s developers who bring APIs to the storefront). The self-service includes better onboarding via documentation, tutorials, and automated processes.

Schaeffler Developer Portal homepage. Time of screenshot: 20 June 2023.
Schaeffler Developer Portal homepage. Time of screenshot: 20 June 2023. 


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SSO and Login

For login, HybridAuth Connect module - developed by Pronovix - has been connected with Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO [Single Sign-On authentication]. On top of that, further customizations happened in a form of a role map. The Microsoft Azure AD SSO groups are connected with different products.


On the homepage of the Schaeffler Developer Portal, well-detailed onboarding materials are available for every user under the 'Guides' menu. The page contains an ‘Introduction’, ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Log In’ sections. This way, everyone can understand where and how they can start their integration efforts. The necessary steps are easily scannable and the visual explanation makes the process transparent.

Guide on the Schaeffler Developer Portal. The primary target audience is internal and external developers. One has to follow a few steps if they want to consume the API. The main steps are: Go to Schaeffler API Developer Portal. 1. Sign up - Create an account for the Schaeffler API Developer Portal.  2. Log In - Log in to the portal with your credentials. 3. Search & Find - Explore the API Product Catalog to learn more about all available APIs. 4. Subscribe - Subscribe to an API you selected from the API Product Catalog. 5. Create application - Use the Customer pplication Self Service (CASS) to create a new application. 6. Set up application -  Set up and manage your application to make it ready or your subscribed API. 7. Test & implement - Test and implement the API on you actual application.
Guide on the Schaeffler Developer Portal. Time of screenshot: 20 June 2023. 

Service Integration

Pronovix embedded a VUE.JS application that was built by the Schaeffler team. This provides a seamless integration with their internal systems. The Zero Gravity Devportal Solutions nicely ties in with most of the custom-made widgets. 

Notification system

Schaeffler has a configured group access control structure, and a new custom module was created to improve the behavior of the notification module. This solution allows defining an email address for specific roles (Group Owners) where the notifications about the newly created/added API Reference to a group could be sent to.

The Present and the Future

The developer portal helps Schaeffler with its digitalization goals: publishing APIs on the Schaeffler Developer Portal makes the APIs accessible to a wide range of consumers. This approach opens up the way for new products and collaborations, increasing Schaeffler’s revenue in the long run. 

Schaeffler’s other aim is to populate the API Mindset within their company and motivate more and more colleagues to publish their APIs on the Schaeffler Developer Portal. 

As of 2023, Schaeffler and Pronovix are still working together: we provide hosting and support services. Our shared goal is to improve the Schaeffler Developer Portal and meet their and the changing industry’s needs. 

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