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Verifone Cloud Case Study


Easy-to-Navigate Sitemap, New Design and Mature Import Solution


Client: Verifone

Industry: Financial services

Verifone started its collaboration with Pronovix in 2020, and they decided to rely on the flexible Zero Gravity Developer Portal Solutions to improve developer experience. With Zero Gravity, Verifone could customize their developer portal: they have features like advanced authoring scenarios, consent management, mega menu and several import solutions - just to mention a few.

About Verifone

Verifone's logo



Key Player of In-store and Online Commerce



Verifone is an American-based multinational corporation with more than 70 offices around the world. The company provides technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point-of-sale: 165+ countries use Verifone’s solutions worldwide, which means $450B value of transactions flowing through their gateways. The payment devices, systems, solutions and support they provide make commerce happen for businesses everywhere, every single day.

The Verifone Cloud developer portal’s aim was to create a single, up-to-date developer touch point, where Verifone can improve developer experience. The portal presents, in addition to the documentation of the technical tools, a wide range of service descriptions, such as the partner programs for the Petroleum and Convenience industry, or the payment applications.


UX Phase: Wireframe, Information Architecture, Sitemap

The collaboration between Verifone Cloud and Pronovix started with a UX phase, which aimed to better understand the target audience, their pain points, plan the possible user journeys and prepare a wireframe for the MVP portal.

In 2022, Verifone proceeded with an Information Architecture workshop to further develop the portal. It meant - just to mention a few examples - validating the business goals, reviewing and making an inventory of all existing materials, and identifying content needs.

The result is an easy-to-navigate, clear sitemap and customized solutions, where users can rely on detailed onboarding materials. The portal caters to both internal and external users and addresses various audience segments.

Verifone can differentiate audiences by using vocabulary-based access control, which makes it possible to have granular access control. Thus, Verifone Cloud can provide custom content to dedicated user groups.


Pronovix logo

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UI: New Look and Feel

In 2023, Pronovix actively collaborated with the Verifone central design team in order to implement the redesigned elements of the Verifone corporate design. Besides the company logo, the look and feel of the portal was updated and the previous gray-black-white color scheme was replaced by a new royal blue and teal green look.

Verifone's previous design on the old homepage. The color scheme is: grey, white, black.
The screenshot of the older homepage shows Verifone’s previous design. 


Verifone Cloud Documentation new homepage.
Verifone Cloud’s new home page. The colors and the style are aligned with Verifone’s brand guidelines. Time of screenshot: 07 November, 2023. 


The redesign included the addition of mega menu navigation.

Frictionless User Journey: Mega Menu and Navigation

When the site’s structure is complex, there are many entry points, or one has several audiences, a mega menu could be a suitable solution. Verifone chose this structure to provide a frictionless user journey.

Verifone's mega menu
The main categories in the mega menu. Time of screenshot: 31 Oct, 2023. 
Verifone's mega menu, sub-category
One of the subcategories’ layout. Time of screenshot: 31 Oct, 2023. 

The mega menu was implemented after a careful analysis of the users' needs. The structure is based on categories and subcategories with links to the actual documentation pages. The category is showcased as a hero topic and includes a short description with basic information for users.

In every case, above the page title, location-based breadcrumbs help the user to know where they are in terms of the portal’s hierarchy.

Location-based breadcrumbs on Verifone's website.
One example of the location-based breadcrumbs can be seen above the Verifone eCommerce API title. Time of screenshot: 23 November, 2023. 



Improving the Portal with Valuable Solutions

Import Solution

It was an important request to enable manual and API imports so Verifone can have all of their content in one place and the source documentation can be generated by other tools as well.


Verifone’s API listing page showcases all of their API products with short descriptions. The ‘Read more’ button will lead to a landing page, which showcases the chosen API’s major features.

The API listing page on Verifone's developer portal.
The list of Verifone’s APIs with short descriptions. Time of screenshot: 07 November, 2023. 

Some of the APIs have a sandbox environment, a downloadable OpenAPI specification, and every page has code samples to make the end-users’ work as easy as possible.

One of Verifone's APIs.
Part of the Verifone eCommerce API’s page on Verifone’s developer portal. Time of screenshot: 22 November, 2023. 

The Reference documentation and API descriptions guide users through the implementation journey.


On the developer portal, a 3rd party rating and feedback solution has been embedded, so users can rate how much a piece of content was useful for them. Users’ suggestions give room for improvement and offer a better understanding of their needs.


How enhanced solutions shape the future

As of 2023, Verifone and Pronovix are still actively collaborating in order to further improve the developer experience and usability of the developer portal.

Verifone’s aim was to combine multiple portals into one central development portal that users could navigate themselves on a self-service basis.

The journey keeps progressing, additional developments are expected in the future to extend the boundaries of Verifone Cloud’s developer portal and provide an end-to-end experience for its visitors and users.

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