APIs & Deliberate Complexity

Explore complexity science, social practice theory and socio-technical systems to build more resilient API programs and organizations.

Deliberate Complexity Conferences - Building Successful Platforms and APIs

APIs fundamentally change the way an organization works. But what is the nature of that change? What is it exactly that we do when we create APIs? How will it change our teams, our companies, and governments? How will APIs change the ecosystems we interact with? How will it change society and the market?

There is no simple answer to any of these questions, because all of this change is still emerging. And because APIs are a tool that enables interconnection and interdependence, the emerging new landscape is complex.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working for over half a year together with Marc Burgauer (Principal Consultant and Co-founder at Contextualise, creators of Maturity Mapping), to explore the connections between APIs and complex adaptive systems, and we are super excited to launch our new series about deliberate complexity!

"I believe that APIs can help to nurture useful complexity and to solve the trade-off between efficiency and adaptability." — Kristof Van Tomme (Pronovix Co-founder and CEO) at APIDays Paris, DX'Docs Track, December 2021.

We invite you, the API community, and our guests on a deep-dive into complexity science, and to work out how APIs can help organizations to become more deliberate about their inherent complexity.

What to expect? Deep conversations with really smart guests, presentations and discussions covering technological, sociological, and philosophical topics in the field of APIs, Platforms, Ecosystems, and complexity in general.

We hope to meet you soon, stay tuned in for our coming podcasts of API Resilience diving into the same topics.