Chris McDermott: I see Social Practices, Social Practices everywhere!

Deliberate Complexity Conference, 15 June 2022

Talk description:
"How we see and frame the world around us determines how we act in it. For instance, when looking to change or improve in organisations, if our framing is ‘people, process and technology’, we inevitably divide our efforts and our change resources along these lines. When we don’t achieve the outcome we seek we are left frustrated at one or other of these categories.

But the world of work doesn’t operate this way, it doesn’t neatly divide into these high level groupings. Instead work is done when we perform, at the finest level, a dance that has meaning and incorporates the tools we use with the skills we have.

In this talk Chris will endeavor to help you frame your world through the fine grained lens of Social Practice Theory. A world that helps us see the elements of our routinised day to day activities and encourages us to take a contextualised approach to change."

Chris's bio:
"Chris is a Transformation Coach and co-founder of Contextualise, a consultancy formed to do organisational research to inform transformation and change initiatives. He has been involved in Lean & Agile ways of working for around 20 years and was the founder and former organiser of the Lean Agile Scotland conference and Lean Agile Glasgow meet-up. Chris has an interest systems, complexity and Social Practice Theory. "

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