Matthew Reinbold: Seven Skills To Change Complex Systems And Improve Software

Deliberate Complexity Conference, 15 June 2022

Talk description:

You've got an idea of how software in your org might be better. Several, in fact. However, despite how obviously ""right"" these ideas are, you've had difficulty getting any traction. Why is change so hard? In this talk, Matthew will clarify the complex system behaviors at play within an organization that reject change, explain how anyone, at any level, can reclaim their agency, and illustrate seven essential skills to become change agents. After the presentation, attendees will be better able to create positive change (whatever that may look like) when they return to their organizations.

Matthew's bio:
"I work for the Concentrix Catalyst API Practice group. We provide consultation services to companies worldwide on how they can grow and mature healthy, sustainable API programs. There I am a Digital Engagement Lead specializing in API governance, sociotechnical systems, and API program design. I also write the weekly API newsletter, Net API Notes."

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Matthew Reinbold