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Developer Portals e-Magazine - Winter 2018

Developer Portals e-Magazine - Winter 2018

The Developer Portals e-Magazine is our bi-annual collection of articles and event reports, where we share research and experiences we accumulate in the developer relations community.

This winter's Pronovix e-magazine is a selection of our developer portals newsletter content from September 2017 until February 2018 as well as a curation of recent publications we think had great impact on the developer portal scene.

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API Docs Theory

  • A Brief History of API Docs

  • Good API Documentation Is Not About Choosing the Right Tool

  • API Documentation

  • API Design Guidelines

  • A Guide to RESTful API Design: 35+Must Reads

  • What is the Difference between API Documentation and a Developer Portal?

  • CIDM Ideas 2018

Developer Portal Analyses

  • The Best Developer Experience KPIs

  • What is the Role of Blogs in the Developer Journey?

  • The Function of API Use Cases and Case Studies on Developer Portals

  • Find out How Typeform is Building the Ultimate Developer Experience

  • What is the MVP for a Developer Portal?

  • API the Docs

Toolchains and Docs as Code

  • Case Study: Switching Tools to Docs-as-Code Buliding a Developer Portal? Here are Four Key Questions to Answer First

  • 8 Common Customizations for Drupal-based Developer Portals

  • Tool the Docs


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