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G+D Convego Connect APIs - Event Recap

API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal

This demo was presented at API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal event series on 20 October. We are glad to present the video recording of the event with the demo and the Q&A session. Enjoy!

Visit the Showcase Your DevPortal Recap page for summaries and recordings.


In the demo, you can hear about:

  • How a traditionally physical supply chain can be brought into the digital world
  • What goals to set to enable a phygital customer experience
  • How to make sure that users from business and CXO levels can find their way on the portal
  • The process when API design and end-to-end testing precedes launch
  • Content strategy that combines traditional and agile approaches to manage API docs
  • The long-term plan of opening up the Issuance services through the developer portal


  • How to create the documentation as it is on the portal?
  • This is not a fixed R+D team, how does that work?
  • What documentation do you find essential to minimize the direct communication and hand holding in the beginning when you roll out these APIs?
  • What metrics do you follow on the portal in this phase?

G+D Convego Connect APIs


Meenakshi Khatri (Global Solutions Product Manager), Rahul Chavan (Lead Engineer)


G+D Convego® Connect APIs is a comprehensive API-based Devportal platform which allows our customers in discovering a new world of Card Issuance and Digital Payment banking solutions. Our aim is to provide simple, easy and seamless API-integration solutions to ensure that our customers and partner institutions can keep up with the changing expectations of their end-users and also, stay ahead of them.

Read more on G+D Convego Devportal Awards nomination page.

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