API The Docs Virtual 2021 - Showcase Your DevPortal Recaps

In the 2021 Fall season, 16 DevPortal Awards nomination teams showcased their developer portals. Find the summaries and watch the recordings of the sessions from this page.

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At the event series developer portal teams introduced their portals, shared the challenges they faced, and showcased the solutions they are particularly proud of. Both the devportal demos and Q&As are available through the links to the dedicated page. Enjoy!

6 October, 2021

FourKites Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Sankar Babu (Staff Software Engineer) & FourKites Team

Wultra Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Petr Dvorak (CEO)

Yoti Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Kiran Bali (Head of Integrations)

RingCentral Developers - demo and Q&A with Michael Stowe (Director of Developer Marketing)

13 October, 2021

KBC Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Katrien Van Gijsel (Team Lead) and Machteld Swillen (Product Owner)

Euler Hermes Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Sophie Rutard (Head of Documentation Management) and Emmanuel Teyssier (API Senior analyst)

Amadeus for Developers - demo with Francois Masson (Manager of Product Management and UX/UI team)

Reonomy Technical Documentation - demo and Q&A with Peter Henderson (Software Engineer and Technical Writer)

20 October, 2021

ABN AMRO Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Koen Adolfs (Lead Product Owner) & ABN AMRO devportal team

G+D Convego® Connect APIs - demo and Q&A with Meenakshi Khatri (Global Solutions Product Manager) and Rahul Chavan (Lead Engineer)

platformOS Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with Diana Lakatos (Director of Documentation) and Adam Broadway (CEO)

Onfido Developer Hub - demo and Q&A with Phoebe Baxter (Software Technical Writer), Francesca Gaunard (Technical Writing Lead) and David Vilf (Senior Product Manager)

3 November, 2021

BT API Developer Portal - demo and Q&A with John Daffern (API Platform Senior Product Manager), Abhijit Dasgupta (Principal Solution Architect APIs and Microservices) and Sunin Shah (Solution Design and Documentation Standards Specialist)

Barclays API Exchange - demo with Liam Gallagher (UX Design Lead) and Jake Eastham (Frontend Developer)

Codat Portal - demo and Q&A with Callum Taylor (Product Lead - Connectivity)

Smartcar Developer Platform - demo and Q&A with Sanketh Katta (CTO, Co-Founder)

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