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Yoti Developer Documentation - Event Recap

API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal

This demo was presented at API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal event series on 6 October. We are glad to present the video recording of the event with the demo and the Q&A session. Enjoy!

Visit the Showcase Your DevPortal Recap page for summaries and recordings.


In the demo, you can hear about:

  • Self-service integration from start to finish
  • Consistency through the whole developer documentation
  • Accommodating to different audiences and ranges of abilities
  • Documentation structure to provide different ways of integration
  • Usability guidelines integrated into technical documentation structure
  • Aiming for documentation that allows users to see the integration working as quickly as possible


  • How do you ensure that everything looks so coherent when you have different products, what do the elements go through in the process and who is involved in that?
  • How much creative input do you get from the UX team on the devportal navigation and layout?
  • How do you ensure that the screenshots are always up-to-date?
  • How long has it taken for the documentation to mature especially content written and different levels for each product?

Yoti Developer Documentation


Kiran Balin (Head of Integrations), Luke Ashley-Fenn (Bespoke Integration Lead), Jason Martyres


Yoti has created an integration ecosystem for developers of all ranges to integrate six complex products simply. Yoti supports web and native integrations and consists of a simple API to get live in a few simple steps. To make the integration easier we have developed top class SDK’s which wrap our complex API’s into a simpler form.

Read more on Yoti's Devportal Awards nomination page.

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