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Alvin Cho & Sovdeep Das (Fiserv): Success Metrics when Launching Your First Developer Portal

API The Docs 2023 Developer Success & Developer Portals Recap

This talk was presented at APIDays New York 2023, Developer Success & Developer Portals track on 17 May. We are glad to present the video recording and the talk summary.

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VP of Product and Engineering at Fiserv


Sr. Director of Product Management at Fiserv

Alvin & Sovdeep's presentation (video recording)

Fiserv’s Developer Studio

Fiserv identified the pain points of their customers and offered solutions to remedy their problems.

  • Unified and consistent developer experience to overcome a lack of coherence
  • Easy discovery to harmonize information architecture
  • Self-service integration to provide a smooth API integration process

The team also implemented automation and governance, as well as self-service content and workflow management to serve their product team better.

Success criteria

In 2021, Alvin and his team set out to radically transform developer experience to enable developers to learn, play, build, deploy, monetize, monitor, bill, and communicate with Fiserv products. The team also defined three main goals:

  • Build the best developer portal experience in the world
  • Provide product teams with seamless onboarding
  • Become the go-to place for building fintech apps

With these goals in mind, the team built a Developer Studio to accommodate their needs and allow for API experimentation. They fine tuned the platform by conducting user interviews and gathering feedback.

Banking Hub

Banking Hub is part of the Developer Studio ecosystem, and its goal is to provide a shared test environment in which financial institutions and other businesses can start working with Fiserv’s core banking APIs.

The success metrics of Banking Hub:

  • Documentation: popular pages, user engagement time, user behavior
  • APIs: popular APIs and cores/domains
  • Workspaces: number of API calls, free/paid workspaces
  • General: traffic, search

As the ultimate success metric, Fiserv’s Developer Studio has also earned multiple awards for its innovative solutions and world class developer experience.

Best practices for setting success criteria

  • Listen to your instincts
  • Set your North Star and waypoints
  • Focus on solving the core problem
  • Build, test, and iterate
  • Show results quickly

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