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Sarah Simpers - Use What You've Got

API The Docs 2023 Developer Success & Developer Portals Recap

This talk was presented at APIDays New York 2023, Developer Success & Developer Portals track on 17 May. We are glad to present the video recording and the talk summary.

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Senior Technical Writer at MongoDB


“Improve your developer experience using code, making small, digestible changes with existing code."

The Benefits of Improving Developer Experience

  • Easy Onboarding: Improved developer experience helps external developers start using and continue using the product, reducing frustration and attrition.
  • Command Reference Generation: Using code in documentation allows internal developers to generate command references from CLI code with minimal effort.
  • More Contributors, Faster Results: Reusing existing code lowers the barrier for entry, enabling stakeholders like technical writers to contribute efficiently and speeding up product improvements.

Update 1: Add Atlas CLI Commands Everywhere

  • Reason: To prevent outdated commands in documentation and improve visibility.
  • Implementation: Leveraged a tool called docurl to pull in updated versions of the Atlas CLI commands at every release, keeping them fresh and accurate.
  • Result: Significant increase in monthly active users and more contributors to the CLI code repository.

Update 2: Give the Output

  • Reason: To display expected results for CLI commands and facilitate scripting.
  • Implementation: Reused CLI variables to show outputs in both the CLI and documentation.
  • Result: Improved developer understanding and easier contribution for technical writers.

Update 3: State Required Roles

  • Reason: To indicate necessary permissions for each command and prevent confusion.
  • Implementation: Created a template that makes it easy to update the required roles on an ongoing basis and defined the actual role required for each command in the command’s file.
  • Result: Enhanced clarity for external developers and a straightforward contribution process for internal developers and technical writers.


  • By using code in documentation, MongoDB witnessed numerous benefits, including increased active users, more contributors, and faster improvements.
  • Starting your journey of improving developer experience through code in your documentation is a win-win for all stakeholders involved.

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