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Swapnil Sapar - API Quality and Accountability

API The Docs 2023 Developer Success & Developer Portals Recap

This talk was presented at APIDays New York 2023, Developer Success & Developer Portals track on 17 May. We are glad to present the video recording and the talk summary.

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Principal Engineer at PayPal


APIs play a crucial role in facilitating communication and data exchange between software systems.


The Importance of APIs

  • APIs enable seamless integration between applications, platforms, and services, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • They serve as the building blocks for creating robust ecosystems and leveraging existing functionality and data.
  • APIs drive business growth, enhance digital transformation, and enable organizations to stay competitive in today's interconnected world.

Challenges in API Production

API producers encounter various challenges that impact the quality and effectiveness of their APIs: 

  • API health and stability, 
  • ensuring visibility and transparency, and 
  • addressing security concerns.

Overcoming these challenges is vital to ensure the reliability, scalability, and maintainability of APIs.

Strategies for Actionable Issue Management

Effectively managing issues that arise during API production is crucial for maintaining high API quality.

At PayPal, the API Health Dashboard helps to track the API’s lifecycle and signals: 

  • API producers employ efficient issue management techniques, including early feedback, continuous monitoring, and prompt resolution.
  • Each issue is assigned a unique identifier and severity level, enabling prioritization and efficient allocation of resources.

Building trust between API developers, leaders, and executives is crucial. The dashboard helps to provide transparency.

Key Stakeholders in API Production

  • API production involves various stakeholders with distinct roles and responsibilities.
  • Developers require efficient tools, processes, and guidelines for API design, development, and maintenance.
  • Leaders need insights and analytics to make informed decisions, allocate resources, and align API strategies with business goals.
  • Executives seek visibility into API performance and its impact on overall business outcomes.


  • APIs are integral to seamless integration, innovation, and business growth in today's digital landscape.
  • By addressing challenges in API production, such as capturing and analyzing API signals and implementing effective issue management strategies, organizations can enhance API quality.
  • Understanding the needs of key stakeholders, implementing hierarchical structures, and leveraging visualization tools are vital for optimizing API production and ensuring high-quality APIs that meet business objectives.


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