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Showcase Your Developer Portal Conference Series 2023

16 API teams narrated what performance metrics they follow and highlighted the portal-specific award-nominated solutions, such as DX innovation, onboarding experience, accessibility, and business alignment. Date: 4, 11, 18, 25 October, 2023.

This overview page is the list of talks of the Showcase Your Developer Portal Conference Series. The recordings and recapped best practices are available through the links. Enjoy!

For backstage API Docs discussions, tune in to the API The Docs Podcast.


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What can be the pitfalls of a preset, out-of-the-box developer portal framework? How can AI help you to improve developer experience? How can you build confidence and enable self-service with onboarding? This article focuses on developer experience, which also encompasses onboarding, and highlights some of the best practices we saw from the DevPortal Awards nominees.

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What are the best practices that get you to an inclusive developer portal? One of the DevPortal Awards' main category bundles is Operational Excellence, which includes accessibility. In this article, we observe what were one of the most successful devportal’s approaches in the past years. We also recapped some best practices from the teams behind the Nationwide Partner Portal, Talkdesk Developer Documentation, and Spotify for Developers.

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Catering to a wide range of audiences can enhance the discoverability of your API affordances. In this article, we draw inspiration from the exemplary teams at Deutsche Börse Group, UP42, Codat, Cloudinary, NewDay, Nexio, and Masdr, who highlight the importance of addressing business users on developer portals.

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