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Broad Range of API Integrations and Clear Onboarding: Case Study on a Devportal in the Hospitality Industry

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May 12, 2023

A major cloud data service in the hospitality industry helps businesses hire, manage, and retain teams while running profitable operations. This service organization contracted with Pronovix, the Open Source Developer Portal Company to set up a system that makes it easier for external partners to find and use their APIs and improve the developer experience. Their developer portal provides a wide range of API integrations, well-built partner programs and clear onboarding.

The developer portal has clear navigation and contains several possibilities:

  • API and product catalog: a straightforward collection of the company’s APIs. Users can see the different API groups with detailed descriptions, or if they know what they need, they can select the optimal category from the drop-down menu.
  • Documentation: offers a guide both for technical and non-technical users. The documentation also shows the changelog, and offers an overview of the API.
  • Partner program: based on the partnership level, members are rewarded with various benefits.
  • Use cases: showcase how their APIs solve a given problem through a specific usage scenario.

Journey to Build a Developer Portal with Pronovix

Over time, the organization developed a range of REST and SOAP APIs. Having their API reference documentation available for all their APIs, they started to look for a solution that serves as a central place where API documentation can be stored and made available for their market.

The project’s goal was to set up a system that makes it easier for external partners to find and use their APIs. This included improving the developer experience for API developers. Pronovix helped to provide insights into how to improve the structure of their existing documentation in a more user-friendly way.

The organization decided to have their live developer portal fully hosted and supported by Pronovix. It means receiving continuous devportal product and security updates.

Features of the Developer Portal


API Catalog

The organization has a well-detailed API catalog that serves several purposes: it makes their APIs easy to digest, offers reference documentations for developers and API summaries for non-technical users.

Its API catalog consists of:

  • Workforce management that offers the full gamut of staff management capabilities across HR, Labor Productivity and Payroll.
  • An inventory for hotels using APIs, one can automatically update their product catalog on the developer portal with data from the vendor system and populate this elsewhere.
  • An inventory for restaurants which contains extensive data about recipes, ingredients and suppliers.

Onboarding and Partner Program

The Getting Started page provides guidance on integrating with the organization’s REST APIs. Users can follow the detailed instructions and steps. They provide visualization in order to be more straightforward.

The developer portal also offers a partner program. This program helps to incentivize cooperation and to reward partnerships with advantages based on the partnership's maturity level.

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