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Could you point out your developer portal in a lineup?

Digital Content Writer
Jun 26, 2024

In part one, we explored how a thoughtfully crafted developer portal can become a powerful ally to your marketing efforts. Beyond aesthetics that harmonize with your primary website, a custom branded developer portal showcases your commitment to your API program and to providing an excellent user experience.

In this article, we will dive deeper into how developer portals can contribute to your marketing strategy by amplifying your brand identity and strengthening your credibility. For illustration, we will use examples from That's our virtual showroom demonstrating the capabilities of a Zero Gravity developer portal.

Why add branding to your developer portal?

Complementing your strategically branded primary website with a generic developer portal is like wearing mismatched shoes: they might take you to where you need to go, but they are not going to make the best impression. A branded developer portal showcases the company's commitment to integrity and quality, and it can also succeed in reaching developers in ways that traditional marketing tactics might not, by resonating more authentically with an audience that values substance and transparency.

A custom branded portal delivers a unified and authentic user experience by presenting a cohesive image. This seamless integration of brand elements offers valuable benefits by enhancing trust and reinforcing your brand identity. If you integrate a visual design in line with your broader corporate branding, including color schemes and unique imagery, you can foster a sense of familiarity in developers.

Visual elements

Even a starter kit developer portal does not have to be a run-of-the-mill affair. With the help of customization options, you have total control over the look and feel of your developer portal, allowing you to tailor it to your unique branding and compliance needs. In the event of a rebrand, the design elements on your developer portal can easily be adjusted to ensure a smooth transition without compromising on functionality.

cards on the Zero Gravity showcase site
Card layout on the Zero Gravity showcase site, screenshot taken: 26 June 2024

Drupal’s flexibility makes it possible to add playfulness and gamification to your portal, infusing it with your brand personality. The Zero Gravity showcase site features a harmonized color scheme across the different subpages which helps create a consistent experience and ensures a professional feel throughout the entire website. The visual design is aligned with the primary Pronovix website, creating a seamless connection between the two platforms.


a website with a magnifying glass

Could you use some help to figure out your exact branding needs? Our UX team is prepared to help you shed light on what your developer portal would benefit from the most.


Immersive brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is a powerful tool: it helps you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Through the stories you share, you can create a genuine brand identity that resonates with your customers, and forge authentic connections with them.

Case studies are more than just lists of features. They tell compelling stories about your customers’ challenges, as well as their journey from problem to solution. By showcasing real-life applications and satisfied customers, a section dedicated to case studies builds credibility and demonstrates the versatility of your product.

Another platform for your brand’s story is the blog section of your developer portal. A regularly updated blog on a developer portal serves as a trust-signal that the portal is well-maintained and reliable. Blog posts can be an informal communication tool to introduce new functionalities, build relationships, and announce company news.

Conversion-optimized landing pages

Landing pages on developer portals are designed to captivate your audience and inspire them to take action. To achieve this, an effective landing page needs compelling visuals, clear messaging, and strategically placed and formulated call-to-action elements.

These conversion-optimized pages feature configurable building elements, so content editors can easily play around with different layouts to find the best way to showcase your offerings. To help them navigate the customization process, some developer portals offer user guides with step-by-step instructions.

Hero image on the Zero Gravity showcase site
The hero image on the Zero Gravity showcase site, screenshot taken: 26 June 2024

For example, a hero section at the top of the landing page is prime real estate for your most important messages. This section can prominently feature your brand’s logo and colors, immediately conveying your brand identity to visitors.

Tailored content for every persona

One of the biggest challenges developer portals face is that they have to serve different audiences without confusing or excluding certain groups of users. If you offer a diverse range of content, you can engage various segments of your user base whilst showcasing the versatility of your offerings.

Developers might seek out API documentation, code samples, and tutorials to help them integrate your services seamlessly. On the other hand, business integration decision-makers may be more interested in high-level overviews and case studies that demonstrate the business value of your APIs.

Even within the same broader user group, there might be different preferences and varying levels of experience. For example, video tutorials and webinars can be highly engaging for users who prefer visual learning, while comprehensive written guides and step-by-step documentation cater to those who prefer detailed textual information.

By leveraging these diverse content types, you can ensure that every visitor on your developer portal is presented with relevant information in a format that suits their needs. It is also important to provide users with context about their current place on site and offer multiple ways of navigation. Demonstrating this level of care for your community can start ripples in developer circles where word-of-mouth carries more weight than traditional advertising.

Embrace your community

Building and nurturing a community on your developer portal is a powerful way to create a lasting impression and foster goodwill. By creating a space where developers can connect, share knowledge, and collaborate, you are not just enhancing user experience: you are also building loyalty and trust. Engaging with your community through lively discussion boards and an active social media presence communicates to users that you value their input.

Another way to let users know that you care is to take their feedback on board. Some developer portals feature a rating system which allows users to evaluate the quality of certain pages, while others provide a form that allows for longer, more detailed reviews. The benefits of this feedback loop are twofold: your community feels seen and heard, and their comments can contribute to improvements on your portal.

Closing thoughts

A custom branded developer portal communicates professionalism, fosters trust, and reinforces your commitment to quality and user satisfaction. You can tailor the visual design to be in line with your corporate website, amplifying your brand to an audience that values authenticity and genuine care.

Many features that used to set the trailblazer developer portals apart from the crowd have now become baseline requirements. Impeccable documentation and a streamlined user experience are still the stars of the show, but authentic and consistent branding can help you stand out.


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