API The Docs Virtual 2021 - Recaps

In 2021, we continue with our virtual events. Season 1 of APITD Virtual 2021, showcases 5 virtual sessions each with 3-4 talks.
Here is the full list of talks, and we'll publish the recordings, slide decks, and talk summaries after each session.

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Presentation recordings, slide decks, talk rundowns of past 2021 sessions:

Toolchains: Needs and Options

Live session was on 5 May

Lisa Karlin Curtis (GoCardless): How to avoid breaking other people's things

Felix Kerger (King): Lessons learned: Choosing your documentation system

Christoph Weber (Pronovix): An overview of devportal technologies and their (dis)advantages

Scale and streamline: API first design, DevRel, and GraphQL

Live session was on 14 April

Yantian You (SAS): API First Workflow: How could we have better API Docs through DevOps pipeline

Anna Tsolakou (Amadeus): Why you need a Developer Relations team for your API

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa (Centric IT Solutions Romania): GraphQL vs BFF: A critical perspective

Upcoming events

Live session: 19 May

• Olaf Stelter (Mercedes-Benz): Leveraging API Docs and Tools at Mercedes-Benz /developers

• Jaap Brasser (Rubrik): Shipping API Documentation - Floating through the process

• David Vilf and Phoebe Baxter (Onfido): Essential ingredients to rapidly scaling your API-first product strategy

Live session: 9 June

• Dana Scheider (Envato): The Joy of Docs, or, Technical Writing for Developers and Engineers

• Kathrine Osadchenko (Wix): Measure and improve API references with use cases

• Brendan Lynch (ABN AMRO Bank): Blood, sweat, and creating an API handbook

• Amy Goldsmith (Vonage)

Live session: 13 July

• Anthony Sansone (MongoDB): Swagger to the Core: A Code First Approach to Deploying OpenAPI

• Carson Hunter (MTNA): Generating interactive Postman docs

• Mariano Vazquez (MODO): How to develop an API ecosystem in the fintech industry from the ground up

Applause to our sponsors for contributing to API The Docs Virtual Season 3: Adyen, MongoDB, Vonage – Thank you!

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