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ABN AMRO Developer Portal - Event Recap

API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal

This demo was presented at API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal event series on 20 October. We are glad to present the video recording of the event with the demo and the Q&A session. Enjoy!

Visit the Showcase Your DevPortal Recap page for summaries and recordings.


In the demo, you can hear about:

  • Leveraging intuitive navigation and findability to reinvent the customer experience
  • Catering to multiple audiences: developers and business users, experienced and inexperienced users alike
  • Focusing on helping the customer find what they are looking for and get the job done as quickly as possible (both via API documentation and Support)
  • Introduction to APIs and an API guide: API fundamentals and a checklist with everything you need to go through an API integration process
  • Community interaction: sharing knowledge as well as co-creating and testing API ideas in a cooperative way


  • In 2020, you’ve launched a new version of the developer portal. What changed and why did you change it?
  • What's the most appreciated feature of the portal at the moment by your customers?
  • What metrics do you keep track of in the portal? How do you keep track of them?
  • What does the roadmap for your developer portal look like going forward?
  • Documentation-wise, is there a new feature that you are excited about implementing on the portal?

ABN AMRO Developer Portal


Koen Adolfs (Lead Product Owner), Brendan Lynch (Lead Technical Writer), Eveline Albers (Business Developer)

The ABN AMRO Developer Portal is the one-stop shop where we develop and build a secure, social, and ground-breaking digital ecosystem. We enable clients to control their finances and provide a comfortable user experience so that they can make the decisions that are right for them. By offering API products on our Developer Portal, clients can leverage ABN AMRO's capabilities to reinvent the customer experience, automate processes, and build a future-proof banking solution.

Read more on ABN AMRO's Devportal Awards nomination page.

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