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BT API Developer Portal - Event Recap

API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal

This demo was presented at API The Docs Virtual 2021 Showcase Your Devportal event series on 3 November. We are glad to present the video recording of the event with the demo and the Q&A session. Enjoy!

Visit the Showcase Your DevPortal Recap page for summaries and recordings.


In the demo, you can hear about:

  • The several brands BT has and the different backend systems running behind them
  • APIs working for certain selected brands within BT
  • Access for employees is managed by an Internal Active Directory
  • High level overview Product pages with attention to supporting information
  • API Documentation created with Swagger
  • Downloadable API Specifications in Open API format
  • API Specifications rendered using the tool Redoc


  • What are the challenges of creating such a complex business portal?
  • Can you talk about the process of moving to OpenAPI and how the API Portal drove that?
  • Are the sandbox services MOCKed or are they serving WILL responses?
  • What do you use for your conceptual documentation to support your API reference?

BT API Developer Portal


John Daffern (API Platform Senior Product Manager), Abhijit Dasgupta (Principal Solution Architect APIs and MicroservicesSunin Shah (Solution Design and Documentation Standards Specialist)


BT has developed and launched a new and improved developer portal to support and promote the growing API strategy across all business units within the company. The portal provides a one stop shop for anyone wanting to integrate, either to use our network and customer base to provide B2B2C services. Or to simply use one of our numerous APIs. Targeting both business development users and technical developers, the site offers information regarding our range of API products from case studies and marketing content to technical reference documentation on how our APIs work.

Read more on BT API Developer Portal’s Devportal Awards nomination page.

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