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We have always been subscribers of the grow and help grow attitude. We have learned much about API documentation from the hivemind, like the Write the Docs and the DevRel community. In 2016 we initiated the API the Docs conference series to create an API documentation specific setting for technical writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists, where they can discuss and share the latest best practices, strategies and new trends.

We champion the importance of excellent documentation as a dominating factor in API adoption. Yet there is an urgent shortage of API documentarians. We seek to cross this chasm with our API Docs Apprenticeship.

API Docs Apprenticeship

Our clients have been indicating the difficulties they have had finding the capacity to create the documentation for their APIs. Members of the technical writing community are eager to get hands-on experience in the field of API documentation. We realized that there might be a way to help both sides.

The goal of this apprenticeship program is dual. It provides technical writer skills for our clients and it is an opportunity for novice API documentarians to gain credentials by working on enterprise projects under the guidance and supervision of experienced mentors, among others Bob Watson, Mike Jang, Chris Ward, Lukas Rosenstock and Ellis Pratt. From your feedback we see that the technical writing community welcomes this project and we have numerous applicants for the apprenticeship.

How can you engage with the apprenticeship?

The practical details of this multisided transfer on several dimensions was a good puzzle.

As an apprentice you are a technical writer who already has some theoretical knowledge about API documentation, but want to gain practical knowledge. The apprentices work under the guidance and supervision of experienced mentors. Pronovix organizes the work and keeps contact between the mentor-apprentice teams and the customers. The API Docs Apprenticeship Program is free of charge for the apprentices. From the created documentation artifacts those that are publicly available (e.g. not behind a firewall) can be used as a reference in the apprentice's portfolio.

As an API provider who needs documentation, you will be in contract with Pronovix and we organize further project administration and workflow.

Let us help you create the developer documentation your APIs deserve. You get both the expertise of mentors who know all the tricks of the trade, and the connection of the apprentices who are eager to learn and become masters themselves. 

About the author

Mónika Alföldi-Zörgő

Information Architect, Content Writer

Mónika started at Pronovix as a content writer. While doing research for the Pronovix blog posts she got fascinated by Information Architecture and UX. Apart from continuing her research into devportal best practices she works with clients in the information architecture phase.