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by Kristof van Tomme 14 years 7 months ago

Project management with Open Atrium

When we first heard about Open Atrium we realized that this had the potential to seriously reduce the maintenance overhead we had on our project management platform.
by Kristof van Tomme 14 years 9 months ago

Share or pay, a new freemium business model for open source communities

Today Joel Farris a.k.a. Senpai, made me realize that our new share or pay business model is something worth blogging about.
by Kristof van Tomme 14 years 9 months ago

Spezzle: Drupal specifications that require less coding

Imagine: you are doing a project for a customer who doesn't know Drupal. Even before she contacted you, she made a bunch of wireframes and detailed specifications. That's a dream case right?
by 14 years 10 months ago

Pattern recognition

In this video I demo the webcam trigger module that I developed. When the application recognizes a specific pattern on the webcam (e.g. an image or a logo) a custom Drupal action will be fired.
by 15 years 1 month ago

Tips to make XML-RPC debugging easier

In the past few days, I wrote a frontend for an XML-RPC service (I needed both the server and the client part). That was my first meeting with XML-RPC, so I had to debug a lot.
by Kristof van Tomme 15 years 1 month ago

Using RDFa to mark-up features in specifications for websites

If you ever wrote a specification, you've come across the following problem: Once you finally built your spec you need to cut it into feature-tickets, spec units that you can properly follow in your project management system.

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